5 Reasons Why Prohormones May Not Be a Good Idea

What are legal prohormones? This is a common question. Prohormones are steroids you can use to build muscle without the fear that you’re breaking the law. Basically, using prohormones means you won’t go to jail.

This question often raises another question. Are prohormones safer to use than illegal steroids?

The answer to this is no. Even though prohormones are legal they can actually be more risky to your health than black market steroids.

Here’s a few reasons why you would want to rethink using legal prohormones for building muscles.

Far More Side Effects

In many cases prohormones have been found to cause far more side effects than illegal steroids. Many supplement manufacturers have actually rejected many pro hormone formulas.

However, legal steroid alternatives are definitely worth looking at. Advances in nutritional practices have enabled supplement companies to produce high grade products that come close to producing steroid like results. Click here for more details.

Pro-hormones Are Hepatoxic

Pro hormones are commonly taken orally. This means the liver needs to process it before it enters the blood stream. They are also Hepatoxic which means they can damage the liver. Many prohormones contain higher levels of methyl 17a compared to illegal anabolic steroids. This is a chemical which is very toxic to the liver.

Less Effective

Compared to illegal anabolics, legal prohormones are considered to be less effective. In many ways, pro hormones are stripped away versions of steroids. This also means you take on more health risks for less muscle gains.

In addition to liver damage, long term use of pro-hormones can raise your blood pressure and increase bad cholesterol.

Not Necessarily Cheap

Prohormones are cheaper than the illegal steroids you can buy on the black market. However, because pro hormones are more toxic you need to take cycle support supplements that will help your body cope with the side effects. These support supplements will help to protect your liver and reduce bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

These cycle support supplements can include milk thistle which is good for protecting the liver. Hawthorn berry extract to counteract raised blood pressure. Red yeast rice for helping to lower bad cholesterol levels.

When all these are added up you can expect to pay at least 50 bucks to counteract the effects of using prohormones.

So, if you decide to use pro-hormones you are going to have to fork out the extra cash for support supplements to try and stay healthy. These extra supplements all add up the cost and make prohormones a not so cheap alternative.

Lack Of Research And Evaluation

In contrast to steroids, pro-hormones have very little research and testing done on them. Steroids are tested on both animals and humans. When using pro-hormones you become the guinea pig. Just something to bear in mind.

Many newbie bodybuilders and hard gainers resort to using prohormones to try and short cut their way to muscle gain. They often do this without the foundation of a solid weight lifting regime and the proper diet. The result is a lot of money wasted, health issues – both physically and emotionally – and whatever muscle gains are made they are short lived.

Another problem with pro-hormones is that you have to keep taking them to maintain the muscle gains you have made. This is a problem because the long term use of pro-hormones could seriously damage your health.

Try Legal Steroid Alternatives

As you can see prohormones have their risks.

However, there are safe alternatives that you can still consider.

For example there are legal steroid alternatives. Now, I have to admit when these first came on the market I was not that impressed. To me they were nothing more than multi vitamins re-branded as bodybuilding supplements and being sold at very high prices.

But they have come along way since then. There are now a handful of supplement companies that are now producing high grade quality legal alternative supplements due to the advances in nutrition these supplement manufacturers can now use natural ingredients that come  very close to mimicking the anabolic results of real steroids.

Of course, they are not magic pills you still have to put in the hard work , train consistently and eat a clean and healthy diet. Only by building upon those two foundations will you experience the real power of legal steroid alternatives.

What’s more, you can stack different legal alternatives to really boost results and give yourself that extra edge in the gym.


Think very carefully about the costs – both to your health and your bank account – and decide if taking pro-hormones is they are really worth it.